Donna and her husband Todd founded Kailo Yoga in 2019.  It is their mission to provide everyone with a safe, comfortable, loving space where each individual is welcome to explore themselves in a way that promotes personal transformation and growth in all areas of life.


Donna and Todd believe that when each individual person takes the journey inward, anything in our lives can be improved and achieved.  “Kailo” means “God’s Gift”.  It is Donna’s and Todd’s passion to bring these practices to all; and assist all their brothers and sisters in transforming a life of fear, stress and discomfort into a life of love, peace and compassion.


Starting October 4, 2020

ALL of Donna's Offerings Will Be On-line via Zoom

“When you’re striving and the mind has an agenda to get somewhere, the body may resist and injury may occur.  True yoga starts with radical self-acceptance. You are fully present with what is, observing the self without judgment.  When the body knows that the mind is kind, it will open and release.” 


- Richard Faulds, Kripalu Yoga Teacher in Greenville, Virginia



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