Donna Nault
Yoga Instructor

"Yoga and Energy Healing to me, is freeing the energy centers of the body.  The body is like a tuning fork constantly being moved by the universe.  When in tune we can move peacefully with the universe."


I have been on a personal journey of transformation and alternative healing since 2015.  I am a published author, adventure traveler, and an avid learner. I am committed to sharing all that I have learned and are still learning with others in the hopes that they will find healing and peace.  

In my Yoga Classes I encourage you to "return to your body" with an intuitive and gentle yoga practice that is suitable for all ages and levels.  I also specialize in helping people who have difficulty moving return to movement and mobility with my Chair Yoga Classes.

I believe in meeting every person where they are.  No two people share the same journey and therefore I have a very custom and intuitive approach when it comes to teaching Yoga.  

Currently, I am a Yoga Alliance certified RYT500 instructor, Lakkshmi Voelker Chair Yoga Instructor and hold certifications in  Level 1 – 4 Light Connections Therapy. I also completed The Mindful Resilience for Trauma Recovery Training with the Veteran Yoga Project. Starting in November of 2021 I will begin the 2 1/2 year journey into learning Human Design and look forward to bring what I learn there to all. I believe that when we take the journey inward, anything can be improved as long as we are willing to look.  It is my passion to bring these practices to all, and assist all my brothers and sisters in transforming a life of fear, stress and discomfort into a life of love, peace and compassion.

Contact Donna:  386-237-0864