Todd Nault
        Light Connections Therapist and Spiritual Guide

As a service connected Veteran who has personally experienced the one shoe fits all approach of the present veterans health care system with little to no relief; he began to search for alternative forms of health care. 


Through a combination of Eastern and Western medical practices he was able to achieve a greater ability to cope with pain, discomfort, depression and anxiety. This ultimately has afforded him with a much higher quality of life. 


The Student Becomes The Teacher

  • Certified Levels 1-5 Light Connections Therapist

  • Yoga Teacher Certified - (YTT 200)

  • Veterans Yoga Certified - (PTSD)

  • Thai Yoga Bodywork Certified

Todd offers a non-judgmental and comforting place to come to if you have any apprehension about starting your healing journey. He is gentle and caring in his approach to energy healing. His expertise includes helping people experience their own light, clearing chakra energies and healing sexual trauma. 


His goal is to empower people in three main areas of their life:


1.    Self-Love

2.    Have the courage to look at their ego objectively

3.    Unequivocally know that we are all divine beings.

Contact Todd: 386-986-6802