Kailo Rising is a free, confidential support group for women.  This group was formed with the intention of creating a loving space where women can express themselves freely in a loving and non-judgmental space.  Joining Kailo Rising is a great option if you are seeking connection, looking for others who share similar experiences, or would like to find new  coping skills and strategies.  Kailo Rising offers a space to share and receive a broader range of perspectives.  Additionally, Kailo Rising is a great place to work on relationship and social skills as well.

Personal sharing is important to self-help, so it is encouraged but not required.  To achieve a space where all can be comfortable and feel safe to share, each member will be required to sign a Group Agreement and Liability Waiver before attending a session.  Please see link below to download the Group/Liability Waiver, sign the second page and text it to Donna at 386-237-0864 or e-mail it to

The group will be offered on the 1st Tuesday of every month at 6:00pm EST, starting October 5, 2021.  Sessions are offered on Zoom.  The link to the meeting will be provided to you once your Group/Liability Waiver is received.

"Love Donations" to Kailo Yoga are welcome but Not required